The story of Gospel For India

T he vision of Gospel for India (GFI) was born in the hearts of Abraham and Sara Varghese over 3 decades ago in New Delhi, India. Beginning 1976, Abraham was a successful church-planter in the northern Indian mission fields. In the early 1980s he discovered the secret of “native-missionary multiplication.”

When he realized that over 4,000 Unreached People Groups (UPGs) needed native missionaries, he began looking for a different strategy.

A GFI CrusadeOf the 600,000 villages in India, he learned that over 500,000 had no gospel witness. To send just one missionary for every 10 unreached villages would take 50,000 native leaders!

Abraham decided that he needed to begin pouring his life into younger men and women according to II Timothy 2:2. Only by mobilizing the next generation of missionaries would he be able to address the awesome challenges of India.

With Sara’s support, they began to focus on training and equipping hundreds of native missionaries to duplicate what they had done through crusades and church planting in Haryana State and New Delhi. God blessed their vision and “Gospel For India” was organized. It was recognized by the Indian government in 1989. Today about 460 well-equipped, highly-motivated, native missionaries are spreading the gospel and planting churches.

Our Founder – Rev. Abraham Varghese

A New Beginning

Rev. Abraham and FamilyAlthough born into a purportedly Christian family, Abraham was literally thrown out of the house upon his conversion & baptism at age 18. A sympathetic pastor took him in & discipled him for 18 months.

The Pastor arranged for him to attend Bible college for the next three years. This is where Abraham earned his theological degree.

A Passion for Souls

Passionate for souls & gripped by the Great Commission, young Abraham used his last savings to buy a one-way ticket to New Delhi in order to preach to the locals.

Within two years, he established his first local church. He continues to preach at crusades & conferences in India, in addition to his other GFI responsibilities.

India – Some Quick Facts

India’s Total Population: 1.2 billion
Hindu: 78%
Muslim: 13%
Sikh: 2%
Christian: 3%
Other: 4%

Identified people groups: 2335
Reached people groups: 300
Total villages: 600,000
Only 100,000 villages have been reached with the gospel

Major languages: 18
Village languages: 600
Dialects: 1652