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Muudit Kumar GuptaMy name is Mudit Kumar Gupta. I was born and brought up in a Hindu Family in North India. I have one sister who is elder to me. As a child I was taught all Hindu beliefs and practices. My Father and Mother were strong Hindus. For every need we have different Gods to approach with various offerings and sacrifices. We were never sure about whether the gods were happy or angry with us. Even though we didn’t have any peace in the family, we tried to please different gods.

In our place there were no Christians at all. One day a Christian missionary came our village and distributed some gospel tracts, but my parents said not to touch it because it belongs to Christian god. which is white mans religion. Also we believed that Jesus Christ is only for Christian community, He cannot do anything for Hindus because we have Millions of gods and goddesses for each need. After my sister’s Marriage to a Hindu man my Father became very sick. We took him to a hospital and found out that he has stomach cancer and it spread all over, medicine cannot help him anymore. So we approached different temples and Hindu holy men but nobody could help him. The pain was unbearable, as my father was a small village business man due to his sickness he lost all the business and we were without food. As per Hindu belief we believed it is because of our karma (Works) that we are suffering like this.

One day my cousin from a different town came to visit us, when he saw my father’s condition, he told in the town there is a Christian preacher who pray for sick people why don’t you call him. Because my father was in very critical condition immediately I went with my cousin and invited the preacher to our home to pray for my Father. He came with us shared the gospel with us and asked us to believe in Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of our sins. That day myself, my mother and father accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord and SaviThen the preacher prayed for my father that day he was able to sleep without any pain. After that prayer my father was without pain, so we believed that Jesus is true savior and Lord and we began to worship Jesus Christ. After few months my father died but me and my Mother continued in Faith. Even though all the villagers were against to us and our community rejected us, because of our faith in Christ we are not allowed in any family events. But we decided to follow Jesus Christ.

It was my great burden to share about Jesus Christ to my family and community, also were there is no christens and no evangelist to preach. This was the time I heard about Gospel for India and its Reach Out Theological Seminary. I told them about my burden to share Christ but I need some biblical education. They accepted me as one of the students of Reach out Theological seminary. As I am alone in Faith from our place there is nobody to help us financially. I need around $500 Annually for my boarding and tuition etc. I don’t have any income or sponsorship. After my studies I want to go back to my people and share the Gospel in our villages were there is no gospel is preached. Please pray for me and my Mother as we are the only Christians in our area. We do face lot of oppositions. Also pray for my studies and financial needs.

With prayers
Mudit Gupta

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