God the Father had made an ultimate sacrifice of compassion by giving the life of His one and only Son to the world, so that whoever believes in Him shall be saved. Having caught with that unconditional love of God,Gospel for India focuses on the following 5 areas in the ministry in India,in order to win valuable souls for Christ.


Church Planting: One of the effective evangelistic methodology adopted by Gospel for India to impact the people of India with the gospel of Jesus Christ, is to plant new Churches through out the unreached areas in the country. As the number of disciples multiplies by the spreading of gospel, it is necessary to establish spiritually vibrant and dynamically reproducing churches located in strategically important places.. Read More


Missionary Training: At least 90% of the effective mission work being done today is by indigenous missionaries. They know the language and the customs of their people. They dont need to pay for equipment, language study, plane tickets, household equipment, Social Security, income taxes, medical insurance, freight forwarding, private schools for children, servants, automobiles, furlough vacations, or deputation expense. Read More


Children’s Homes: We may not be able to change the world, but we can make a difference in the life of one child. GFI currently operates two New Hope Childrens Home orphanages one in Kerala and one in Orissa.In Kerala, Gospel For India has adopted 40 tsunami orphans since March 2005, and is building a facility for accommodating 100 orphans and planning to adopt many more suffering and underprivileged children in near future as Lord strengthens us. Read More


Vocational Training: In 2009, Gospel for India started a vocation training center in the city of Rayagada to help the poor and needy women who were the victims of the brutal religious persecution in Orissa. GFI started this Training Center with three sewing machines in this tribal village and has trained 30 tribal women with sewing machines women in tailoring. After training, they demonstrate their skill by sewing a school uniform for an orphan…Read More


Leprosy Ministries: It is calculated that on an average 130,000 Indians are diagnosed with leprosy every year more than every other country put together, even though the Indian government claims to have eradicated this disease in 2005. Since leprosy attacks nerve endings, destroying the ability to feel pain and injury, the infections in the patients lead to the loss of fingers, hands, toes and feet over time. Read More