Be a part of the family of Gospel for India


There are several ways you can associate with this ministry.

  1. Pray for this ministry regularly

    The most important and crucial way in which you can help us is by praying for us regularly and fervently.

    1. Pray that the Lord of the harvest would raise up laborers who have compassion for the lost.
    2. Pray for the protection of our brothers and sisters who labor for Him in difficult places. Hindu militancy is on the rise and many of our brothers and sisters have been threatened and a few beaten.
    3. Pray that the Lord would provide funds for the various ministries.
  2. Give generously for the Lord’s work in India

    If you cannot go, perhaps you can send! It takes so very little to train and send out a laborer for the Lord’s harvest in India. Please consider any of the following ways to give.

    1. Sponsor the training of a laborer for the harvest.

      With a minimum gift of $40 a month you can sponsor the training of a national missionary. The full cost of training is about $60 a month. If you choose to donate annually, you could do that as well ($400/year).  We will send you the picture and information about the student. If you wish, you may write to the student. This is an excellent way to help in the training of national missionaries.

    2. Sponsor a national missionary in the field.

      GFI missionaries in Orissa with Gospel bikes

      With a minimum gift of $40 a month you can sponsor a indigenous missionary who is working in the field. A indigenous missionary family can be supported for as little as $100 a month. Though you cannot go to India as a missionary you can send someone else in your place.

      Gospel Bike

      Bicycles are not toys in India, it is Work horses for evangelism and Church planting. Many of our Missionaries travel 15 to 20 miles daily to share the Gospel withVillagers. A bicycle will speed up their ministry at least six times more than they do without it. Since they are struggling for their basic needs of their ministry and family, they are not able to buy one without your help. You can provide a bicycle for a native missionary with one-time help of $90. My friends, it will be a great privilege for you to support a missionary with a bike. They will take the gospel message to the thousands of most unreached people on behalf of you.

    3. Sponsor the training programs and church planting work through regular donations.

      Even a small amount given on a regular basis will help us immensely to carry on the training program as well as the support of national missionaries. We need partners who would give regularly $30. $50, $75, $100 or more so that we can continue the various ministries that the Lord has entrusted us.

    4. Help build a church building.

      Many of our congregations are worshiping in makeshift “buildings”. With just $500 we can build a small prayer shed in many places. It takes only $5,000 to $10,000 to build a good church building in most places.

    5. Give towards a scholarship fund in memory of someone or in honor of someone.

      With a one-time gift of $10,000 you can set up a scholarship in memory of someone dear to you or in honor of a special person.

    6. Give towards an endowment fund.

      A substantial amount is needed for an endowment fund. Please give generously for this so that we can continue to train laborers for the Lord’s harvest until He comes back.

    7. Donate a sewing machine to a poor woman/ female gospel worker to enable them to become self sufficient.

      Poor girls look for jobs to support themselves and families. Often recruited by agencies that make false promises. Far from home with nowhere to turn, many are lead into prostitution. The GFI Tailoring School is the response to the burden placed on the heart of Pastor Abraham for these daughters of India. A one time help of $150 will provide for the six months of training necessary. Upon graduation, GFI provides the sewing machines and equipment for students to start their own business and change their lives forever. Five years ago in Nepal, GFI started a similar school but added a beauty school as well. Because of the schools, countless lives are dramatically transformed. These students are now serving and thanking God for the help they have received.

    8. Sponsor a Child who desperately needs your help.

      In many countries poverty is an epidemic and is especially sad when those suffering are children. Right now, boys and girls all over the world live in desperately poor conditions. They often face each day without proper medical care, education, decent clothing, or even hope! You don’t have to be wealthy to help a child but you will know the riches of changing a life.

      Gospel For India is adopted 100 orphans and since March 2005, building facility for accommodating 100 orphans and planning to adopt many more suffering and underprivileged children in near future as Lord strengthening us. We may not be able to change the world, but we can make a difference in the life of one child.

      To that one child, it might mean fresh water, 3 good meals a day, the opportunity to learn how to read and write or something as simple as a safe place to play. Our world just might be a better place tomorrow because of the difference YOU choose to make today.

      How much does it cost?

      All it takes is just $40.00 a month. Once you have decided to sponsor a child you will receive a picture and a case history of that child in the mail.

  3. Tell others about us

    Only by many working together can we effectively reach India. You can be a help to the Lord’s work by telling others about us to add partners to the ministry