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Bilent BahoGreetings to you all in the name of Jesus Christ.

My name is Billet Baho. I am 29 years of age. I am married and have two children, our living condition are very tough on us, but we are able to manage living off the crops of the land. Both of my parents have passed away. We live in a remote tribal village in the Border of Burma and India.

I heard the Gospel through the preaching of Rev. Amostahngson, I was convinced of my sin and accepted Christ as my personal savior. A great and unexplainable peace came into my heart. As I was growing spiritually, I began to share Christ with other people. Over a period of time a great burden for Burmese people began to grow inside me. For many years Burma has been closed for gospel. If anybody was to preach the gospel, severe persecution was definite to follow. But I knew in my heart that God had placed it within me to glorify and spread his name among the many perishing souls in Burma. Even if it is or isnt a religiously oppressed country. When I think back to my homeland and the people in Burma, I feel nothing but the burden which is serried so deeply in my heart, of all the people who have no chance to hear the gospel because of such strong persecution. But, I am determined that even though I am one man I can do something with God as my help and strength.

With this in my heart, I knew I had to learn and seek the face of God more earnestly. I began to pray continuously, Oh lord bring me to a bible college where I can learn your word. That is when I heard about Reach Out Bible College through some of my friends.

Even though my journey seemed so hard to endure, I set out to fulfill the burden and vision God put upon. I traveled three days and nights by foot through the jungle, two days and nights by jeep to the railway station then four days and nights in a suffocating train. I consider all of this for the glory of God whom I love and serve.

I kindly request your prayers and support for my family and me as we live by faith we need Gods provisions for our everyday needs. I thank God that he brought me to a college that received me with open hand providing me with food, accommodation and education. I pray that the Lord may open ways so that more of my brother and sister may come and study here with me in the coming years.

Sincerely your brother in Christ,
Billet Baho

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