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PriscillaMy Name is Priscilla. I am from the state of Uttar Pradesh in North India. I have two younger brothers and mother. In the year 2001 my father K. J. Pathrose went to North India as a missionary from the state of Kerala. The Lord told him to go to the unevangelized rural villages of Utter Pradesh. He came to a place called Mohammudi which is in the district of Shajahanpur. This is a very remote village with no school, hospital or electricity. No one has ever gone to this place with the Gospel. Along with my mother my father began to share the gospel, they used to walk 15- 20 miles to reach different villages. God began to use my parents with miracles and wonders. Even though there was much opposition from every village, many people got saved by seeing the miraculous power of Jesus Christ.

Within 7 years of my fathers ministry he baptized more than 200 people. He used to go to more than 10 villages every week to conduct worship services. In the year 2008 my father had a heart attack and with no medical help available in the locality and he went to be with the Lord. After my fathers death, my mother was in great struggle, with three children to feed and no financial support, it was very difficult for my mother to make a decision; in a few days she had been given the burden of making all the family decisions. Many of our family members advised her to go back to South India. But she heard the clear voice of the Lord saying to stay and continue the work my father had started. After making her decision clear and final to stay and continue the ministry, she placed my two brothers into an orphanage in South India for their schooling. Being the eldest in the family I stayed with my mother to help her and attended a nearby school. With whatever the villagers presented us, such as wheat and rice as their offerings, we managed our food.

God began to use my mother more and more to reach the unreached villages. People began to call her from far away villages for prayers. Every day she began to travel to different villages to preach the gospel and pray for the sick. Today she takes Bible study in 20 villages every week. Every week in Mohummudpur on Sunday we have service collective of more than a 100 people in a rented home.

When I finished high school the Lord told me to continue the work what my father and mother doing. But with no income and two of my brothers studying in an orphanage I was struggling to take a decision to go to Bible College. My concerns were that my mother would be alone and who would finance my studies in Bible College. I was in need of $500 annually for my studies. I was praying very earnestly for God to open a way for my studies. Then in the month of April Pastor K.P.Samuel, principal of Reachout Theological Seminary, came to my village as part of his Mission trip. He stayed with us and traveled to various villages for evangelization. When I shared my decision to study in the Bible College, he immediately contacted Dr. Abraham Varghese who is the founder president of GFI ministries and he allowed me to come to Reachout Theological Seminary under his care.

Please pray for me, my studies, and my annual expense of $500 in the College. After my studies I want to continue the work my father and mother pioneered in the midst of the hundreds of villages which are yet to hear the Gospel even once. Pray for my mother in the mission field and my two brothers in South India, who are studying in 11th and 7th grade.

With prayers,

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