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SrinuMy name is Srinu, I am from Andrapredesh. I was born and brought up in a Hindu family. I have one elder sister and a younger sister. As a child, I used to go to different temples with my parents to worship idols of different gods and goddesses, but whenever we went to these temples, I was afraid and a great fear griped my heart. The idols or temple worship did not give me any peace, I began searching for truth, I visited different holy places, but my heart remained troubled. Even though my parents were very poor they were very devoted Hindus, they tried to please different gods for different needs, but one god or another would become angry and we could never meet their demands. I was tired of all these rituals and ceremonies, my heart was greatly burdened, one day as I was walking through a cave near my house there was a verse written on the wall, Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest (Bible). I did not know the meaning of this verse but I knew it was from the book of the Christians, so I went to one my Christian friend and asked him to take me to a church. He toke me to his church, where the pastor explained to me the meaning of that verse, as well as the gospel. When he prayed for me the unknown fear that was within my heart was gone. I felt great peace. And I began to attend that church regularly.

Without the knowledge of my parents I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior, took water baptism and Jesus had truly changed my whole life. When my parents heard that, I had become a Christian they were outraged and the whole village turned against me. My father said if I go to the church again, the community would excommunicate me and I will not have any place in my home. These were some of the toughest times of my life, everywhere I looked people were against me, they persecuted me at every chance they got, but in the church I began to grow spiritually. Slowly I began to share Christ to my family, I told my mother only Christ can bring peace and salvation to our home. When they saw that in the midst of all my troubles, there was such a great peace and happiness in my life, they become curious especially my younger sister and mother. My mother and sister through their curiosity began to attended church with me. But my father was very angry about it. He threatened to leave home, but my mother and younger Sister got saved and baptized. Slowly my fathers attitude toward us were changed, Even though my father still has not become a believer, he is attending church once a while. I believe, soon he will also take water baptism. When I look back, it is truly amazing how God through his love, brought a great peace into my life and not just saved me from hell but is helping me to save my family as well. I had a great desire to study Gods word and be a witness to my community. I consider it only the grace of God that I am in this bible college. I had been praying to the lord, please open a way for me to learn your word, it was only then that I received knowledge of Reach Out Bible College. It is truly an answer to my prayer that I have reached this place.

I need your prayers and support. The Lord has taught me how to live by faith. I do not have any sponsors to help me in my studies, But I believe God will open ways for me to stay here and learn Gods word. Please pray for me.

Sincerely your brother in Christ,

Srinu K

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